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    Rent Clothing for Party

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    Winona Chroma Sash Dress silver
    $79 rental$289 retail$67.15 rental
    Misa LA Darla Dress
    $109 rental$429 retail$92.65 rental
    Elliatt Danica Dress
    $69 rental$259 retail$58.65 rental
    Elliatt Solidality Dress mini
    $79 rental$299 retail$67.15 rental
    Hemant & Nandita Mavi Mini Dress Lilac backless
    $129 rental$515 retail$109.65 rental
    Hemant & Nandita Nova Mini Dress Floral tiered
    $119 rental$515 retail$101.15 rental
    Hemant & Nandita Miyu Floral Mini Dress Pink balloon
    $99 rental$479 retail$84.15 rental
    Misha Jaylene Mini Dress animal
    $69 rental$289 retail$58.65 rental
    Misha Rubina Mini
    $69 rental$229 retail$58.65 rental
    Elliatt Deserae Dress stripe
    $89 rental$319 retail$75.65 rental
    Elliatt Independence Dress Blue
    $59 rental$209 retail$50.15 rental
    Elliatt Virago Dress Blue
    $69 rental$229 retail$58.65 rental
    Elliatt Avalee Dress metallic
    $69 rental$229 retail$58.65 rental
    By Johnny Acacia Floral Twist Mini Floral
    $89 rental$360 retail$75.65 rental
    Rebecca Vallance Arles Mini Dress Print
    $89 rental$399 retail$75.65 rental
    Pink Dusk Are you Jelly Sequin Dress
    $49 rental$149 retail$41.65 rental
    Misa LA Leeva Dress Pink Print
    $139 rental$449 retail$118.15 rental
    Misa LA Chiara Dress Mini Length
    $139 rental$459 retail$118.15 rental
    Rebecca Vallance Pablo Tie Mini Dress print multi
    $139 rental$529 retail$118.15 rental
    Rebecca Vallance Ameigo LS Mini Dress Magenta
    $159 rental$549 retail$135.15 rental
    Misa LA Danae Dress mini ruffle hem
    $109 rental$419 retail$92.65 rental

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    Enter GlamCorner – your endless rental wardrobe for designer clothing for party events! Browse our wide selection of designer dresses, sets, or fun tailored jackets.

    Whether is a daytime party or late-night dance party, we have got just the styles for you. A flexible and sustainable solution, hiring with us allows you to have fun with your wardrobe and experiment with your personal style. We will even take care of the dry cleaning for you!

    The perfect party look awaits you at GlamCorner.