What To Wear to a Winery Wedding

Wineries are undoubtedly one of the most popular wedding venue choices in Australia - and we can totally understand why. Pristine backdrops, delicious food, and a never ending supply of wine. Thus, it is no surprise that each week Her Wardrobe dresses hundreds of customers attending weddings, many of whom are desperate for some guidance on what exactly you should wear to a winery wedding.

As with any wedding she always recommends noting the dress code on the invite first. If the dress code is set as Formal or Black Tie it is important to be guided by this in conjunction with the venue. She often finds you can afford to be a touch more casual in your dressing for wineries as more often than not you will spend a lot of time outside on the grass or in a more informal dining setting.

If there is no dress code included on the invite, a smart casual to cocktail style frock will work perfectly for a winery wedding. These four styles have been her most popular dresses this season for winery weddings.



1. Talulah 'Merengue Midi Dress'

2. Talulah 'Les Saison Mini'

3. Pasduchas 'Eventide Midi'

4. Talulah 'Pollen Midi'


In any other setting these dresses would be considered "cocktail dresses" but in our experience they also work perfectly for formal winery weddings where the dress code overall can tend to be a little more relaxed. Dressed up with the right accessories these four dresses are gorgeous options for a formal winery wedding.


1. Pasduchas 'Sunbeam Midi Dress'

2. Pasduchas 'Posh Ballet Midi'

3. Rebecca Vallance 'Greta Midi'

4. Talulah 'Love in Paris Midi'


Whilst "Black Tie" usually conjures up images of full length black gowns, at Her Wardrobe we like to offer alternate styles that are still super glam but in keeping with the winery setting. These four styles exude luxury and are very much fitting for the black tie dress code, but they incorporate brighter colours and floral patterns which work well in a winery setting.


1. Rebecca Vallance 'Estelle Gown'

2. Catherine Deane 'Noret Midi Dress'

3. Nicholas 'Simone Dress'

4. Catherine Deane 'Nikola Dress'

Have a wedding coming up and still unsure of what to wear? Her stylists are always happy to help via email, or in-store at 264 St Kilda Road, St Kilda.

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