Ahhh the age-old question… how the heck do we save for our BIG financial goals like our dream wedding or our first home when life is only becoming increasingly more expensive? We’ve got rent to pay, groceries to budget for and bills coming out of our ears (an odd visual), so where do we begin when we’re ready to start planning for the purchase of something BIG?

The best place, agrees the team at She’s on the Money, is first with a budget and then with some small life tweaks so you can nail your savings goal sooner… Read ahead to find the hacks that’ll change your relationship with saving forever.


The best way to be realistic about our money coming in and going out is to take a mo to examine our behaviours with money by studying the trends of our bank account. Take a look at your payslips and review your monthly spending habits to receive a clear idea of where you’re falling down and where you’re most frivolously splashing your cash – some banks make this really clear with handy graphs and visuals. YES this process may be confronting, but it’s important we know where our money is going so we can accurately forecast our savings goals and recognise where we can improve. A handy budgeting tool can be found at the SOTM website, right here.


Write them down and help them come to life – it’s widely known that writing down our goals helps us stick to them, which we actually spoke about in a previous goal setting blog post, that you can read here.
If you write down your big goal, plus all the little weekly, monthly and yearly goals, then science says it’s much more likely you’ll stick to them. So scribble them down and start saving sisterrrr.


Insta is so very fabulous when used correctly, but boy oh boy does it have the tendency to make us want for the things we just don’t need. It’s VERY easy for those who don’t work in marketing to be blind to just how effective Insta is in swaying people to buy certain products. The use of influencers as well as targeted ads and feeds tailored to our interests can be incredibly persuasive, and it’s definitely a smart idea if we’re conscious of saving to unfollow the brands we know we splurge on too often, as well as the influencers who sneakily spruce items we don’t need but WANT, because they swear by them.

If you can’t delete it, we get it, Insta is addictive, but at the very least, try to unfollow the pages that bring you down and curate your feed to only include pages that bring you UP and will help you stick to your savings and other life goals.


Get rid of the caffeine addiction darl – or at least switch it for the cheaper, store bought instant stuff OR if you do love a fancy brew, consider investing in a machine for the office/home that’ll save you in the long run. Similarly, rein in those lunches out and incidental spends like a side of avo for an extra fiver or a second wine at dinner that’ll add twelve bucks to your bill… these little everyday spends add up faster than we think. A cool (yet mildly distressing) fact we read recently is that just $27.39 a day of unintended spending amounts to a staggering $10K a YEAR… times that by five and that could be your big savings goal met! So, before you mindlessly tap and go, remember how quickly the small purchases add up and say NO! to silly spending.


It all comes back to organisation – in fact every point listed above can only be achieved with a commitment to your goal and by setting aside some time to make them come to life. If you’re a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5-er, plot some time in your weekend schedule to do the groceries and suss out the specials so you can shop smarter. Do your research and find a bank that works for you and provides high interest rates, so your money isn’t just sitting stagnantly in an account without reward. If you know you have to make a big purchase for a gift, do it ahead of time and make the most of sales/online discount codes. Avoid eating out and try hard to eat in. These are simple tweaks we know, but they’re mighty effective and they take just a smidge of organisation.

Finally, be patient petal. Life would absolutely be easier if we could just win the lottery and have instant access to our every desire – but you know what, we think that achieving the things you are dreaming of feels ten times better than just being handed it by our parents/an inheritance/winning the lotto.

So dig deep, be disciplined, don’t get distracted and watch your life transform... you’ve got this and it’s going to feel damn good when you get there.

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