The Benefits of Buying Pre-Loved Dresses

When we hear "second-hand" we often immediately think of op-shops with clothes and outfits that are past their prime. But this is not always the case - in fact, the opposite is true when it comes to buying pre-loved from Her Wardrobe. She strives to empower you to make sustainable choices whilst also looking and feeling fantastic in a 'new' dress. With Her ENTIRE ex-rental collection now available to purchase and make part of your forever wardrobe, here are just some of the benefits of buying pre-loved clothing.


Firstly, buying pre-loved clothing is a sure way to save money. Whether you're currently experiencing financial strain or are a true bargain hunter, buying pre-loved dresses means you get the designer style and quality without the designer price tag. Some of Her customers' favourite designers include Rebecca Vallance, Catherine Deane and Scanlan Theodore but the prices to buy these dresses new start at $500! Buying pre-loved dresses from these designers at Her Wardrobe means you can save hundreds of dollars.


Scanlan Theodore's Crepe Knit Milano Dress retailed for $600, available for just $149 at Her Wardrobe - that's a 70% saving!

Catherine Deane's stunning Kin Gownwas originally $1,500 and is available for $199 - an over 85% saving!

This Anise Mini Dress from Rebecca Vallance is just $99 to buy from Her Wardrobe, an over 80% saving from its original price of $599!

One of Her most popular dresses due to the gorgeous detailing and cut, the Nyree Midi Dress by Catherine Deane is now $399 to buy, down from its original price of $905 - a 50% saving for you!


Ok so She hears you asking - if the dresses are insanely cheap, doesn't that mean the quality isn't great? She's got good news for you - absolutely not! The majority of the dresses available to buy at Her Wardrobe are ex-rental dresses, which were kept in pristine condition during their rental lives. Every time a dress was rented, it was professionally dry cleaned and then thoroughly inspected by Her team.  She had any minor flaws repaired by a detail-orientated tailor and nothing was ever sent out if it wasn't perfect. Every single dress, after every single wear. No exceptions.

Because of this, her ex-rental dresses are in fantastic condition and She is confident that for many of Her dresses, you wouldn't even know they had been worn. To help you understand the quality of each individual dress, Her website has a handy guide.

If you're still not sure, why not pop into Her store and have a look for yourself? Alternatively, you can always email Her any questions or ask for advice at


Not only does buying pre-loved dresses mean you save money, it also means you're helping the environment. Buying a pre-loved dress from Her Wardrobe means you're helping to reduce the overall demand for the production of new clothing.

Leading sustainability initiative WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) published a report on circular fashion in the EU in December 2019. It makes many recommendations for clothing producers but importantly, it found that wearing our clothes more means there is significant reduction in the carbon, water and waste associated with new production. Put simply, if we're buying pre-loved clothes and not new ones, we're saving vital natural resources.


So buying a pre-loved dress from Her Wardrobe means you're saving money and the environment all whilst looking fabulous, but there is one more thing that makes wearing a pre-loved dress so special - you're adding to the story that garment already has. If you look through Her Reviewsyou can read hundreds of reviews from Her customers about where and why they wore a dress. Whether it was for a school formal, engagement party or even as a bridal dress - each dress has an interesting and unique history that you get to be a part of too.


Mona Sleeve Midi,Victory Dress

She hopes you're just as excited as we are about just how many benefits there are of buying pre-loved from Her Wardrobe. All of the dresses featured above (and many more) are now available to buy online. Make the most of Free Standard Shipping on any order over $100. Or, if you need help styling your look, visit Her St Kilda Store.Click hereto view the WRAP report about circular fashion.


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