Post Iso Planning - Achieving Luxury Resort Style just in time for Summer

As a Melbourne based business we are feeling the frustrations and tensions of ISO with you. Even though we are doing our best to appreciate our daily walks and exciting trips to the supermarket, it is hard not to day-dream about returning to some type of 'normal'. We may not reach that any time soon, but we have our fingers tightly crossed we can enjoy the summer months later this year.

Taking inspiration from fashion brands and influencers around the globe she has put together her favourite Resort Style looks, perfect for your Christmas BBQ and summer soirees. Along with some of her favourite accessories, you will be ready to bask in the sun all while looking a million bucks!

Starting with one of Her newest labels, Nicholas the Label has the summer resort look down pat using lightweight floral silks, and crisp white linen to ensure your fashion forward and comfortable this summer. Nicholas designs these dresses with beautiful feminine details and soft colour palettes perfect for warmer weather. Best of all they are not tightly fitted around the stomach allowing you to eat and drink to your hearts content.

From L - R: Nicholas Danielle Dress - Green, Nicholas Louise Dress,Nicholas Danielle Dress - Yellow & Nicholas Seta Jumpsuit.

For some bolder colours, Talulah has some midi and mini options available in light and breathable fabrics. These deep purple, red and orange tones are beautiful on all skin tones and can be accessorised beautifully with gold jewellery. With the ability to be able to be dressed down pool side or dressed up at dinner, these styles will have you feeling luxurious this summer. The strategically cut fabrics sitbeautifully and create great movement.

From L - R: So Lovely Midi Dress, Love Token Mini Dress,Pollen Midi Dress & Daring Day Longsleeve Mini.

Pasduchasare known for their comfortable, stretch fabrics, in addition to using detailed ruffles and asymmetric hemlines to create shape and movement in their boho inspired designs. An all time favourite designer at Her Wardrobe, the styles she carries are the embodiment of how fashion and comfort can mesh perfectly! Pair these styles with some tanned wedges or flats you have the perfect summer friendly look.

From L - R: Caliber Floral Maxi,Terrace Pantsuit, Eventide Midi & Constellation Midi.

Now that you have a range of dresses perfect for your summer Resort Style outfits, it's time to accessorise. When working with beautiful ruffles, detailed prints and lightweight, flowing fabrics it is best to adopt the "less is more" mantra. Natural toned clutches and heels and simple gold jewellery compliment these looks perfectly. Here are a few combinations available from her online store:

1. Billini Viva Heel - Almond & Olga Berg Caterina Croc Framed Bag - Natural

2. Billini Marlie Heel - Nude Suede & Olga Berg Isla Pod - Mushroom

3. Billini Hart Pump - Blush Suede & Olga Berg Jasmine Woven Metallic Pod

4. Billini Perla Wedge - White Linen & Olga Berg Kylie Camera Bag - White

Accessories in the above neutral colour palettes will always be able to be worn time and time again. In combination with a touch of gold jewellery you are sure to have a cohesive and chic Resort Style look lined up for the summers festivities.

Written By Siobhan Brennan, Her Wardrobe Stylist.


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