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Posted: Apr 23 2018

Ever wondered why certain dresses don’t quite suit your body shape? Or have you been told time and time again that you have a gorgeous hourglass figure, but you're not quite sure what that actually means in terms of picking a dress? Hopefully this post will shed a little insight into what styles might work best for you.




Your hips are larger than your bust, and your waist is your best asset!


The advantage of this body shape, is if styled correctly you have the opportunity to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. The best styles for you are a-line dresses and patterned or ruffled dresses that this will add definition to the upper body.


Avoid: Fishtail, mermaid and trumpet cut skirts.


She recommends;



Rectangle/Athletic Build

Your hips and bust are basically the same size. Your waist is not very defined.


The secret for this body type is to cinch your mid-section! This gives the illusion of a more feminine shape. She recommends dresses with draping and ruching to highlight the curves you do have.


Avoid: Any dresses that sit particularly low on your waist/hips

Rent the perfect dress for you;


  • Nicholas 'Aveline Ruffle Dress'
  • Likely NYC 'Sorel Dress'


Inverted Triangle

Your hips are narrower than your bust, meaning you often complain about your broad shoulders!

To balance out your broad shoulders it’s best to wear dresses that flare out slightly. You want to show off your arms and shoulders. V-neck lines work well and create an illusion of narrow shoulders, so this should be your go-to neckline. Make sure any patterns, ruffles and layers are part of the bottom half of your outfit and the upper half is left minimalistic.


Avoid: Shoulder pads and puff sleeves!


She knows exactly what you should wear;


  • Aurelio Costarella 'Katrine Noir Dress'
  • Thurley 'Haley's Comet Dress'


Your waist is obvious and gracefully curves out to your hips.


Hourglass figures are well-balanced, therefore your dresses should be the same too. Wear a dress that has a belted waist or a well-defined waistline to highlight your curves. She also recommends V shaped, plunge and sweetheart necklines will help flaunt your upper body and accentuate your tiny waist.

Avoid: baggy tops or loose fitting dresses - they'll hide that beautiful waist of yours.

She recommends these two beautiful dresses for your body type:

  • Rebecca Vallance 'Domingo Dress'
  • Rebecca Vallance 'Ravena Dress'


You prefer dresses that cover your tummy - your legs are your best asset. 

Empire line dresses are the best style if you have an apple body shape. You want to take the attention away from you mid section by wearing an outfit that flaunts your legs or shows off your neckline with a deep V. The line and cut of the top half of your outfit will make or break how slim you look.


Avoid: short or full skirts


She thinks you’ll look great in these;


  • Thurley 'Ravello Dress'
  • Nicholas 'Bandage One Shoulder Dress'

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